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For better or worse, this page is nearly devoid of non-fluff content. If you actually want to know anything about me, have a glance around the rest of these pages. You'll find out more that way than you will by looking at me. (Did I mention that this page is full of fluff?) A good place to start is the physics page.

Windell on a bike

This is a recent picture of me (spring, 2005) riding my highwheeler. It's dangerous and fun. Notice that I'm wearing a helmet!

Windell in San Francisco

This is what I actually looked like as of January, 1996. Linda took this picture of me at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California...

As long as we're dwelling on ancient photos, you might as well look at a picture of me and some of my friends from Lake Forest College.There are, unfortunately, more horrible pictures, such as some pictures of me playing music with friends at Lake Forest College .

Weird Stuff.

  • Read my inFAQ file
  • What kind of a name is "Windell" anyway?
  • Check out my snowboarding camp.
  • When pondering the ever-so-asked question, "what kind of name is 'Windell'," I happened upon the answer. An answer in the form of a small armada of real estate agents named Windell!!! I've seen four of them... let me know if you find more.

    • Claude R. Windell, who stole a perfectly good domain name away from me.
    • Windell Francis Realty
      PO Box 191
      Capron, VA 23829
      (757) 658-4123
      Windell Francis, Broker 
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