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Yes, it's contrived. So what?

Q. What are your favorite elements?

Windell's Top Ten Favorite Elements:

11. Illudium Phosdex. (The shaving cream atom.)
10. Barium (What else can do you do with 56 dead protons?)
9. Iodine
8. Cobalt
7. Aluminum
6. Mercury
5. Magnesium
4. Hydrogen
3. Bismuth
2. Lithium
1. Copper

(Is this nerdy or what?)

Q. What is your favorite word?


(if you don't know what that means, you should look it up in the dictionary.)

Q. What are some anagrams for your name?

Top Ten Anagrams for my full name:

10. lend a wavy sinkhole,
9. shakedown in valley,
8. oh a lewd skyline van,
7. his naked yellow van,
6. low key island haven,
5. any swank devil hole,
4. shiny naked love law,
3. she lay a known devil,
2. kelly and i now shave,

[And the #1 anagram for my full name is:]

1. I held a swanky novel.

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