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Psuedo-Surrealist Play. Just plain silly.

Pointless too. But an interesting anomaly of net.culture.
Enjoy, if that is your desire.


Scene: A big party with many sophisticated people walking about. Man with cigar: You know, I haven't seen that server walk by in the recent past with the Chuckles Tray. Woman with condom: You mean, Chuckles, the jelly candy? Man with cigar: Exactly. Hey, where did you get that condom anyway? Woman with condom: Oh, I always bring one to a party. You just never know what might happen. Man with harpoon: I sure could go for some Chuckles candy right now. I need some whale bait! Woman with iguana: Whale bait? Man with harpoon: Yes. The Eskimos use Chuckles candy to chum for whale. At least, I think that's what I remember reading on the internet. Woman with iguana: You know, my iguana, Emilio, likes to eat Chuckles. Particularly the insect flavored Chuckles. Child with rhinoceros: Insect flavored Chuckles? Woman with iguana: The green one. Child with rhinoceros: Oooooh! (She runs away) Rhinoceros: Oooooh! (It runs away also) Ionesco with rabbit: I ought to sue somebody for that. Woman with condom: Hey, big boy, have you seen the attic? (Ionesco and woman run upstairs together). Man with cigar: I hear that is where they keep their Chuckles candy collection. Somebody here told me that they have Chuckles candy dating from the days of King Arthur! Man dressed up as King Arthur: I told you that! Man with cigar: Yeah, you did, you weirdo. It's not a costume party, you know. Woman with palm tree: Anyone seen the Chuckles waiter? I'm dying for one of those red jelly candies! Suddenly a man bursts into the party, panting heavily. Man heavily panting: Everyone! Everyone! Bad news! The Chuckles factory has... exploded! There's candy everywhere! There's jelly raining from the sky! And little bits of the factory workers too! Man with cigar: Meat flavored Chuckles! I gotta get some of that while it's free! Woman with palm tree: Me too! Everyone: Me too! They all run outside. The End

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