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"This page intentionally left blank" "A little big" "Academic sorority" "Accordion music" "Accurate stereotype" "Act naturally" "Advanced BASIC" "Affordable housing" "Aging yuppie" "Airline food" "Almost exactly" "American beer" "American culture" "American English" "Apple tech support" "Arms limitation" "Artificial intelligence" "Athletic scholarship" "Back to the future" "Bad health" "Balding hair" "Bankrupt millionaire" "Beginning Finnish" "Black light" "Brave politician" "British fashion" "Bug free code" " Bus service" "Business ethics" "Butthead" "Cafeteria food" "California expressway" "Casual intimacy" "Cheerful pessimist" "Childproof" "Civil libertarian" "Civil war" "Classic rock & roll" "Clean dirt" Clearly confused Clearly misunderstood "College education" "Committee schedule" "Committee decision" "Common sense" "Communist Party" "Completely unfinished" "Compulsory volunteering" Computer science Computer security Congressional action Conspicuous absence Constant change Construction worker Convenience store Corporate planning Country music Courtesy towing Creation science Curved line Customer satisfaction Debugged program Decent lawyer Degradable plastic Diet ice cream Disco music Down escalator Dress pants Dry beer Dry ice DOS operating system English syntax Enquiring minds Environmentalist bumper sticker Ergonomic keyboard Evolutionary fact Exact estimate Executive decision Express bus Express mail Fair reporting Fair trial Fallout shelter Fighting for peace Final version First annual Flexible freeze Found missing Free election Free electron <-[there's always a charge!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!] "Free with purchase" Free love Freezer burn Fresh frozen Friendly competitor Friendly fire Funny clean joke Fuzzy logic Genuine imitation Government organization Graduate student "Happy Monday" Hard water Holy War Honest politician Industrial park Intelligent lifeforms Internal Revenue Service IBM compatible Journalistic accuracy Jumbo shrimp Kosher ham Lace-up loafers Legal brief Legally drunk Liquid crystal Literal interpretation Living dead Management science Management style Martial law Meatless hamburger Medicaid payment Microsoft Works Middle East peace process Military intelligence Military justice Military peace Modified final judgement Mutually exclusive Necessary meeting New Classic Noble savage Non-alcoholic beer Non-denominational church Nonworking mother Nuclear defense Objective parent Pacific Ocean Passive aggression Peace force PeaceMaker missile People's Democratic Republic Of Yemen Petty cash Plastic glasses Plastic silverware Police protection Political science Politically correct Postal Service Precision bombing Presidential promises Pretty ugly Proprietary standard Psychiatric care Public school education Quality assurance QuickBASIC Rap music Rapid transit Reagan memoirs Real fantasy Realistic schedule Religious science Resident alien Rolling stop Russian economy Same difference School food Scottish Danish (actual pastry sold at 7-11) Second best Semi-boneless ham Severely/slightly killed Small crowd Smart bomb Smart drugs Social Security Social science Soft rock Student athlete Suburban culture Synthetic natural gas True gossip Unbiased opinion Understanding Unix Unsalted Saltines User friendliness User-friendly software Vegetable beef soup Virtual reality Wonder Bread Working vacation Young Floridian 12-ounce pound cake

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