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M A K E M O N E Y F A S T W I T H S K E P T I C A L T H I N K I N G That's right! By adopting a habit of skeptical thinking, you will save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. Spending money on infomercial products, psychic hot-lines, mail order scams, religious scams (and con-artist theologians), any one of the myriad of paranormal type magazines, faith healers, quack therapists and psychologists, quarts crystals, trips to Sedona, harvest festivals, make money fast scams, lose weight fast scams, and much, much more, will be a THING OF THE PAST! Now you can afford that vacation of your dreams, or a nice down payment on a house, or that college fund for your child. Plus! You will have more free time on your hands to enjoy life. Now, you'll be able to spend more quality time with your family, help, encourage, and enrich your child's capacity to learn, learn more about science and nature and how the world REALLY works, and thinking and making decisions for yourself! Just read some of the testimonials from people JUST LIKE YOU who have come around to the skeptical way of thinking: I used to spend hundreds of dollars on 900 calls to my "personal" psychic. But now that I've adopted the technique of skeptical thinking, I actually did some research into the psychic phenomena. I am now convinced that "psychics" are nothing more than con-artists who are very skilled at speaking in generalities that apply to most everyone. Now, I'm financially secure, and happy! I would like to thank somebody for changing my life, but it was ME that did it! Sammy Snodgrass, Los Angeles, CA I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I was convinced that I was abducted by aliens from another world. I can say now, though, that I have seen the light by becoming a more skeptical thinker. I realize that my quack therapist planted suggestive thoughts in my head while I was under hypnosis. I actually believed that the aliens had removed eggs from my ovaries for genetic experiments. When I think of all the money I gave that creep, it makes me sick! Not to mention the money I spent on my subscription to UFO magazine. I love my life now, and have reestablished a loving relationship with my family. Samantha Williams, Dayton, OH I used to spend thousands on holy crystals, new age literature and magazines, and trips to Sedona, AZ. What was I thinking?! Well, I don't have faith in that crap anymore, but I still go to Sedona once in a while. And, oddly enough, it is still a spiritual experience for me. However, instead of having an out of body experience (which I now know was a fantasy or a dream that my brain produced while I was in a meditative state), I sit in wonder and awe that a place so beautiful could be created by the natural and random process of erosion. Incredible! Jeffery Wright, Sausalito, CA I was bamboozled by that no good Jimmy Swaggart. I want to cry when I think of all that money I sent to him. Just so he could go out and spend it on hookers and dirty magazines. I am an old lady of 78 years and I need that money! I thought I was giving it to a good cause. Now, I am skeptical of ALL the TV evangelists. Now I have a more open and skeptical mind. I wonder if most of them just are in for the money. Not all of them are just in for the money though. Some (if not most) of them are using the pulpit to push their political views. I still believe in God mind you, but I doubt that there are Dole/Kemp stickers on the pearly gates! Gracey Witherspoon, Muskogee, OK And it goes on and on and on. Skeptical thinking is enriching peoples lives, and it's bound to enrich and better your life too! Act now! Stop being fooled, conned, confused, close-minded, bamboozled, swindled, mislead, ignorant, and gullible. Start your journey to skeptical, critical, and scientific methods of thinking and you will be learning how the world and the universe really work, saving hundreds of dollars, thinking and understanding for yourself, and making the world a better place to live for all of us! Footnote: If you were suspicious that the testimonials above were fictitious, you were right. Congratulations! You are on your way to thinking more skeptically.

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