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D.I.Y.S.T.:T.N.G. Here it is fans!!! The first build yer own TNG plot guide!!! Just pick an item from each category and... Voila!!! Your own unique TNG plot! Add new entries to each category! Trade with your friends! See how many trite redundancies and mind-blowing paradoxes you can come up with!!! Send your scripts to Paramount!! (maybe they'll be in the next next generation movie?) 1. a) The starship Enterprise b) Captain Picard c) Data d) Commander Riker e) Deanna Troi f) Bevery Crusher g) Lt. Worf h) Geordi LeForge i) Wesley Crusher j) Guinan k) The crew of the Enterprise l) a partial shuttlecraft crew m) Star Fleet n) Earth o) a member of the original series while 2. a) on routine patrol b) en route to Starbase IV c) investigating an unexplored planet d) observing a nova e) transporting diplomats f) on shore leave g) at Ten Forward h) endulging in a holodeck fantasy i) drinking Earl Grey tea j) on duty k) playing poker l) tap dancing m) playing the trombone n) wishing for more humanity o) floating through space p) sleeping peacefully q) on a rescue mission r) on the verge of insurrection s) repairing asteriod damage t) watching a performance u) engaging in diplomacy v) recovering from heartbreak 3. a) is attacked by b) is captured by c) is possessed by d) is propositioned by e) falls in love with f) is seduced by g) is recruited by h) disappears into i) is disabled by j) gets lost in k) has sex with l) leaves Star Fleet for m) is trapped with n) finds o) is reunited with p) is invaded by q) has a fantasy about r) is called into duty with s) recalls a past incident with t) is impregnated by 4. a) a Romulan Bird of Prey b) the Klingon High Council c) Q d) a wormhole e) the ship's computer f) a time distortion g) a holodeck fantasy h) a mysterious probe i) a Ferengi trader j) an upstart officer k) strange delusions l) a Star Fleet bureaucrat m) the Borg n) a Vulcan emissary o) an unexplained illness p) an exotic culture q) a sexy alien r) a maverick archeologist s) Troi's mother t) Worf's parents u) an energy anomaly v) a warp core breach w) a transporter accident x) Data y) Captain Picard z) Alexander it/he/she/they overcome by 5. a) firing b) converting c) talking d) diverting e) throwing f) launching g) tricking h) rerouting i) running j) seducing k) asking l) bouncing m) recalling n) singing o) emptying p) warping 6. a) a phaser b) the ship's computer c) a star's corona d) Data's circuits e) Geordi's visor f) the warp engines g) the deflector shields h) a tricorder i) the ship's sensors j) holodeck images k) the transporter l) a shuttle craft m) a Klingon opera n) the prime directive o) the ship's phasers p) a photon torpedo q) Spot the cat r) it/him/her/them r) any of 4 into 7. a) a one-time-only sonic pulse b) a tachyon-particle disperser c) giving up d) leaving Star Fleet e) a baryon field coil compensator f) a different time-line g) breaking up h) doing it again i) a pattern-matching-quantum-energy emitter j) a logical implausibility k) a matter-anti-matter overload l) a communicator m) disrobing n) self-destruction o) it/her/him/them p) any of 4 or 6 thereby reaffirming that 8. a) all life forms b) Star Fleet enemies c) 24th century customs d) the members of the Enterprise crew e) Star Fleet bureaucrats f) men and women both g) aliens h) space babes/hunks i) future technologies j) different ideologies k) space-time paradoxes l) the Q continuum m) Star Trek fans 9. a) are precious b) will believe anything c) are "bad" d) are deep and meaningful e) will never learn f) are worthy of respect g) are hot h) deserve another chance i) are an accident waiting to happen i) are short-lived j) are the pride of the fleet k) have better things to do l) can't get enough

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