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Valentine's Chocolate Survey: Phase I Results 1088 people participated in Phase I of the 1995 AIR St Valentine's chocolate survey. We would like to thank each and every one of you - especially those who were kind enough to vote more than once. 73.27% of respondents were male; 25.42% were female; 1.03% could not or would not reveal their gender; 0.28% claimed to be both. AGGREGATE PREFERENCES 62.34% prefer dark chocolate, 33.37% prefer milk chocolate, 1.03% voted for white chocolate, 1.78% were undecided. In addition, there was one vote each for light turkey, light beer, dark beer, marzipan and chocolate licorice. One person preferred the white chocolate in the form of a bunny. Two votes were of the X-rated variety. The answer "yes" was given twice. We also received one Haiku. There was one person who reported being born on Valentine's Day, and one person who reported being lactose intolerant and who considers milk chocolate to be the spawn of Satan. Seven people pointed out that we confused sex with gender and one gave the following reference: "Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millenium," by Judith Martin, page 192. One person suggested an age factor be brought into the study, and two people recommended we examine the gender of the chocolate, i.e. with or without nuts. As you may have noticed, we added white chocolate into the survey even though it was omitted from the original questionaire. This was suggested by a number of individuals, not all of whom voted for white chocolate. On the other hand, we recieved the following comment "White chocolate is an aberrant albino abomination which I'm glad to see you're ignoring." The detailed results of Phase I: FEMALES 64.34% preferred dark chocolate 31.25% went for milk 01.10% for white chocolate 01.84% split their vote in favor of a dark milk chocolate 00.64% were undecided or other MALES 62.37% preferred dark chocolate 34.31% preferred milk chocolate 01.02% preferred white chocolate 10.2% split for dark milk 00.64% were undecided or other HERMAPHRODITES 66.67% went for dark chocolate 33.33% chose milk chocolate UNKNOWN/OTHER 9.09% went for dark and milk respectively 27.27% opted for dark milk 54.44% were undecided or other We leave it to educated readers to perform their own chi-square tests. Phase II of the survey is being conducted by ABC-TV's World News Now program, and on a continuing basis via our WWW home page. Results will be reported in a future issue of mini-AIR.

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