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"It is not possible," said Scully outloud to herself, "It simply is not humanly possible, that a cartoon could accualy be a real live, living, breathing...." She was sitting on the floor of Mulder's office, nursing her head "Of course it's not humanly posible, "said Yakko, walking over to Scully," It's toonily possible. By the way, did I tell you that you have incredable legs?" She stared at him. "Just asking." "Alright, so expain to me how you can have voice-over actors, sound affects, and millions of animators if all a cartoon takes is you?" Dot waved her hand. "Aw, that's just a ploy the studio thought up. For some reason, they didn't want people to think toons were real. Go fig. "And then, when that brilliant Bob Zemecis tried to tell the world the truth, no one belived him. They just thought 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' was a movie. It was accually a documentary." Mulder slipped back into his office. He had been out in the hall convincing people that the noise they heard was nothing, and that everything was alright. He smiled when he saw Scully consious. "Have a nice trip?" She threw her ice pack at him. He dodged it, and walked over to his desk. "So, " said Scully, returning her attention to the Warners," what exactly do you want?" "Well," said Yakko, plopping down on the floor, "It's quite simple accualy. We believe that someone is out to kill us." "Oh, is that all?" "Yeah," Wakko whispered, "And what's more, we have no idea who it is." "This is getting more dramatic by the second," she said sarcastily, getting up from her place on the floor and walking to the door of Mulder's office. "Listen, this is just a little over my head. I don't know about you Mulder, but I'm getting out of here." "Aw, come on," Yakko said, a pitiful look on his face, "It's not every day we get to work with a beautiful woman like you." Scully, flattered in spite if herself, said, "And what's in it for me?" Yakko looked at his syblings, then at Mulder. "Good night everybody!" "What?!" "Never mind." Mulder interupted the conversation before Scully could make up her mind to leave. "So why did you come to me? Aren't there, like, toon decitives?" "Oh, give me a break. Those nitwits don't know a fingerprint from a ketchup smudge," said Yakko, " Besides, everyone knows what great agent you are. Plus, you're a believer. There aren't many of those out there anymore." "And Dot thinks you're a hunk," said Wakko with a grin. Mulder looked at Dot, who was smiling. "So what do you want me to do?" "Find out who's trying to kill us of course, " said Dot, leaping onto his desk and taking a huge handful of sunflower seeds from the jar. "Do you have any clues?" "Just this." Wakko pulled out his gaggie bag and began to pull out all sorts of things, until he found what he was looking for. "Here," he said, climbing up next to Dot on the desk. Scully came over and looked at the fax over her partner's shoulder. It said simply: I'm going to kill you! Hahahahahahahaha! "What tipped you off?" she asked "Listen, "said Dot in a matter-of-fact voice, cramming sunflower seeds into her mouth," If you're not going to help, we can just leave." "No, no, I want to help. I just don't know how." "Well, you're a detecitive aren't you?" asked Yakko. "Not exactly..." "But you solve crimes don't ya?" asked Wakko. "Yes," said Mulder slowly. "Then this should be no prob! Just track down this weirdo before he kills us. I'm sure you've handled harder cases than this." "I'm not sure about that." "Oh, come on silly FBI man!" Dot was still stuffing her face. Mulder looked from Dot, to Wakko, to Yakko, to his partner, who was glaring at him with her "If-you-do-this-I'm-going-to-be-very pissed-off" look. He had pissed off Scully before. He wasn't going to let that stand in his way now. "Sure." "ALRIIIIIIIIITGHT!!!!!!" the Warners yelled, bouncing onto him and givning him a huge kiss on the lips. "You're going to regret this," said Scully, smiling at the absurdity of the scene before her. "I think I already do."

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